August 28, 2016

Party in July!

When we found out that I was pregnant again after Jaden was just 9 months old, I had so many emotions of sadness, fear, and worry.  I felt like I wasn't going to survive 2 under 16 months, I was missing out on all of Jaden's childhood, and I wasn't ready to love someone as much as Jaden...I was also pregnant and hormonal so give me a break :)! Everyone said that you just suddenly have the capacity to love once you see that 2nd baby's face, I honestly didn't think it was going to happen for me because I just love my baby boy sooooo much!  And then, Abigail Riley David made her grand entrance and that whole capacity to love just grew to a whole new level!  This little girl is the most joyful baby there ever was! She looks at me every morning when she wakes up with her big blue eyes and gives the worlds biggest grin. She has started to giggle and it is the best sound in the whole world. I think back to my pregnant self and laugh at how silly I was to not be the most excited person ever. I didnt know that God had a plan to give us the best little baby ever!  We have had so much fun as a family of 4!

My job with Communities in Schools allows me to take all of July off! It is really the most incredible job, I get to work with student everyday without having to make a lesson plan or grade papers and then I get the benefits of the school schedule and holidays! Since having Abby in April and then returning for a week in June and then being off all of July, it has taken a little bit more effort to return to work this week.  

Here are a few of our highlights:

We went camping for a week in Utah!  Abby loved it and it was the first time she started sleeping 7pm-5am every night, so I loved it too! and Jaden loved it! He drove the boat, and when I say he drove the boat, I don't mean that he sat on someone's lap and pretended to drive, I mean, he sat on someone's lap and drove us around and around in circles until the person suppose to be driving took back over.  This driving took him to a new level of obsession with cars. He always wanted to sit in one of our cars and pretend drive, click the blinker, and honk the horn. I gladly let him sit there for as long as he wanted...running after an 18 month old and keeping him entertained with a camp fire blazing, a lake near by and woods and bears everywhere was an adventure in itself. In one of the books we read every night it has a camp fire in the picture and when we get to that picture, he still to this day without fail will point to the fire, say "HOT, no, no, no!"Im glad he got the message a month later, because I felt like I said that 3,000 times a day we were there!  I know the whole parenting technique of let them touch the stove once and they won't touch it again, but I wasn't ready to rush my son down a mountain with no cell phone reception to the nearest hospital which was an hour away. 

Speaking of rushing down the mountain to the nearest hospital an hour away, Kyle took this journey the first night we were there! We went to bed around 11pm that night, and around 12am, I woke up to a loud BANG and then loud snoring coming from the bathroom.  Kyle didn't seem to move so at first I thought I was dreaming and then I was worried it might be Bob sleep walking, so I waited for a few moments. About a minute or two later, I realized that Kyle wasn't next to me and that was him in the bathroom!  I rushed in to see what was happening and Kyle had passed out and slammed his head against something and sliced his head open! I failed as a future nurse because I froze...I'm glad that Bob and Karen came to the rescue! Bob took Kyle to the hospital and he got staples in his head. Apparently there is a condition that men sometimes get when they empty their bladder, it cuts of a vein to their brain and makes them pass out.  It could happen anytime to anyone. So crazy!  The doctor said it could or could not happen again, it's just unpredictable. I still wake up most time when kyle gets up to go to the restroom! So crazy!

When we returned from camping, Kyle started his job! That meant it was Jaden, Abby and myself hanging out all day, everyday!! We set up tons of activities to do, and I have mastered the art of getting two babies in and out of the car! In the midst of our adventures, our A/C unit exploded and we had to get a whole new unit. While waiting for the repairs, we moved in with Kyle's parents for about a week!  I loved it! Karen is a 1st grade teacher so she was off for the summer as well! We went to Bonnie Springs one day and Jaden got to pet a deer, a llama, a goat, and a chicken! It was so much fun! It was also nice having Karen and Bob cook for us and even do the kids laundry! I like being back in our house, but I miss the constant extra hands through out the day! Karen watched Jaden and Abby until she had to go back to school on the 17th, so that was such a huge blessing for us!

A couple things I want to remember about this month with the kids:

Jaden is ball crazy! He can spot a football, basketball or baseball a mile away!  The only problem is that he calls them all basketballs so you don't know which sport you are looking for.  We have been swimming, to the park and to the indoor trampolines almost everyday and when it's time to go, he just walks out peacefully....but take him to a Big 5 or Sports Store and he loses his mind when it's time to go. He would be content with a room full of sports options for hours

I have not found one thing that Abby doesn't like! She is content in her carseat, she is content in the bathtub, I took her to the cardiologist and they had to do an EKG and Ultrasound on her heart and she was even content being poked and prodded. Not only was she content, she was smiling and giggling at the doctor the whole time! In the bathtub and on her playmat she loves to kick her legs and she has started bouncing in her Einstein Jumper!! The daycare ladies always fight over who gets Abby that day because she is just a happy and content baby.  It's funny because one day she was crying for about a minute or two and I thought....OH no, something is wrong, but then I thought, what would I say to the doctor if I took her in? Doctor: "What seems to be the problem" Me: "Well, she was crying...." He would probably kick me out and be happy to take my money, because crying is what babies do! Luckily, she soon started smiling again quickly after that!

So school starts tomorrow and Jaden is moving up to the potty training room.  My kids are growing up so fast and I can't stand it! Thankfully it is starting to cool down from the 110 degree weather, so we can start going back to the park after school every day!

June 25, 2016

Season of Change

2 months since Abby entered the world and all 4 members of the David family are still alive! Success! I attribute most of it to the fact that Abby is so close to being the perfect baby that we have been able to survive this 2 kids under 18 months thing! So far, I can imagine that Abby is similar to how Jesus was as a baby.  She cries for about 3 seconds when she is hungry, just to let me know that she is there and ready to eat.  Sleeps in 6 hour stretches at night, and just hangs out smiling in her jumper or swing, watching Jaden run around the house like the 18 month old that he is, full of energy and talking or singing about something! Occasionally, Jaden will stop long enough to point at his "best friend" and say "Hi Abby" and then keep on running.

Camping at Mt. Charleston

He is at such a fun age, he makes us laugh constantly, and he has this belly laugh that is really contagious.  I am thankful that when he gets tired, he does not get cranky, he gets silly!  I wish I could just follow him with a video camera!
Daily Park Adventure

He loves sports! He calls every ball "Texas Tech"

They both had their 2 month and 18 month old check ups on the same day.  Jaden is in the 95% of height, weight, and head circumference, Abigail is in the 85% of height, weight, and head circumference.  When it came down to shots, Jaden cried during his and then cried again when Abby got hers, maybe this is the first of big brother looking out for little sister.

One thing the doctor did was gave us a referral to a cardiologist.  Abigail has had a spot on her forehead since birth. At first we thought it was just a light Angel kiss birth mark that goes away in the first 3 months, but as she got older it has gotten bigger and brighter. I did some research and found that it seems to be a hemangioma. This usually grows rapidly for the first 6 months, stays the same for another 6 months and starts to go away after a year. The doctor said that it is mostly cosmetic, and nothing to worry about with Abby's health, but since it is a large hemangioma her skin could stretch. The cardiologist has some topical medication that makes the hemangioma go away within a few weeks. Kyle and I have found it kinda cute and makes her unique, we have given her the nickname "Spot" as a term of endearment. Here is the progression of it getting bigger each week.
4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

Yesterday (9weeks)

Close up at 6 weeks

The reason that this blog post is a season of change, lots of things are changing in our house.  First, Kyle got a job working in the operations department for one of the biggest lawyers in Las Vegas.  He starts in July! He will be overseeing all of the day in and day out activity and maintenance for the office.

Next thing is I decided, hey, I've got kids and a full-time job, how about I go back to school?? Yep, I'm back to being a college student!  I absolutely love love love every single aspect of my job currently, but when I think about doing this job for the next 20 years, I don't think I could maintain my level of coolness/dorkiness that keeps the students coming and confiding in me. At some point Jaden and Abigail are going to be high school students and I will become irrelevant.  In the field I am working in, the next step would be going and getting my master's in social work (MSW).  Since I don't really want to get my MSW, I've always secretly wanted to be a nurse. So I found a program that is designed for people with a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field that accelerates nursing school and I would be able to get my bachelors of nursing in a year. Currently I have about 3 pre-requisites before I can start the program, So hopefully, I can do those through out the year. So far I'm making an A in Microbiology, and it has been quite the journey.  Once Jaden goes to sleep around 7 and Abby eats around 8 and goes down, then I stay up studying or working on a lab until around 1am or 2am.  Jaden wakes up around 6am, so I really do feel like a college student again. Kyle has been great and I know that for us to get through these next few years, he will be the real super hero!

May 28, 2016

Maternity Leave

Coming up on the last few days of maternity leave, I've had the best 6 weeks!! Abby is the best best little baby! She is so good in fact that I have actually googled "why is my baby not crying much" and "is it ok that my 5 week old is sleeping 5 hours straight at night." To add to her not crying often and sleeping great, she only poops like every 3 days, which after searching google is also normal for a breastfed baby! We love our little Happy Abby, she started smiling on her 5 week old birthday.  She smiles with her whole face like she is ready to start laughing, it is a contagious smile.  I've tried taking pictures of it, but the photos do not give her justice to the joy she brings.  She is also attempting to focus in on things, but her eyes cross every once in awhile.  She makes the best faces! I'm thinking these will be perfect for a graduation or wedding slide show someday.

We also had the BEST visitors last week! LOLLY (or as Jaden says "La-La") and GRANDDAD came to Vegas!! Here are beautiful pictures of our pantry and fridge after Lolly and Granddad went on a grocery shopping spree.  We had been eating rice and beans and suddenly they came and everything changed!  My mom made us casseroles to heat up after she left and sadly we ate the last of the tator tot casserole today, so I think it's time for them to come back!! My mom woke up every morning and hung out with Jaden and Abby while Kyle and I slept, and she helped refresh my memory on some new songs to sing!! We woke up the day after they left and thought, dang, back to reality!   They even watched the kids and we went out on a date to the movies.  I wish Texas was closer!

Jaden has been in top form on the hilarity scale!! I wish I could follow him around with a video camera to capture this stage forever.  I love how much he is learning and growing.  He cracks up laughing about everything, loves dancing and singing, and has recently gotten into Elmo!  He talks up a storm, and I am always curious to what he is saying.  He can say all his animal sounds now, which is nice because for awhile there, his answer was "Moo" or "RAAR" for every animal. He knows how to ask for his favorite foods "nana", "apple", and "cookie" and of course he ask for "more" everytime he eats.  He eats bigger portions than me! I have also made sure to teach him the essentials like "Texas Tech" and how to put his "Guns up" and when I ask him who his best friend is, he always answers "Abby."  So far this is the most fun stage!

Although the circumstances have not been ideal with Kyle in between jobs, we have had the best time enjoying the time as a family of 4!  We go to the park, to Mt. Charleston, or walk through model homes dreaming of living life as millionaires.  I'm sad that this is the last couple of days as Kyle starts his new job on Wednesday and I return to work for a few weeks on Tuesday!

May 12, 2016

3 weeks with The Abster

We are 3 weeks in with our two under two. Up until this week, I have had an unrealistic and fairytale view of what this is going to be like! Abby has basically slept through the past 3 weeks, she stirs slightly when she wants to eat or has a wet diaper and then goes back to sleep. She has also been sleeping well through the night, waking up once at 12:30 and again around 5am.  I am not sure how long this bliss last, but I will take it for now!

 For the first two weeks we kept Jaden in daycare, so it was nice for Jaden to keep his same schedule and for us to have the day to remember what it's like to care for a newborn.  All that has changed this week because Jaden's last day of daycare until I go back to work in August was last Wednesday.  We were so sad to say goodbye because we love love love his teacher! It has been a crazy balance between keeping Jaden engaged and stimulated throughout the day and taking care or Abby.  Kyle has been out of work this month, so he will wake up with Jaden at 6:30am and let me and Abby sleep until around 8am! We then switch kids...I take Jaden to the library or park and Kyle hangs out at home with Abby. After Naps, Kyle takes Jaden to the park or the gym and I hang out with the Abster and we clean the house and watch Gilmore Girls!

In between his morning and afternoon park adventures, we have been trying to toys and activities that keep him busy.  We are on the search for craigslist backyard toys, so he can run out his energy when he needs to. Currently we have found that anything that is a ball or musical instrument can keep him entertained for awhile! He loves all things music!  I know many moms are all about "no tv until they are 2"....not this mom..I've been trying to get him into a tv show, so I can put it on when I need to feed Abby, but noooo this kid has no interest...Elmo..nope...Daniel Tiger..he could careless...but any concert, music, songs, or sports game....He is locked in!  We have watched a few mother goose songs and I think I have sung over 1,000 miles of Row, Row, Row your boat!  At night to wind down, we will watch a few Bethal or Hillsong Worship videos and he is completely intrigued and often moved by the music.  When we stood on stage for Abby's baby dedication, Jaden could not stop checking out the guitars and drums.  He wanted to get down so bad, and go play.  His vocabulary is growing everyday and it is fun to watch!

My sister, Kylie came for a few days and it was the best time!! She got up with Jaden in the mornings and Kyle and I slept like we were college students on Christmas break!! She even had Starbucks waiting for us when we woke up!!  She did our dishes, folded laundry, and scrubbed our toilets when we weren't looking...all the chores I hate doing, but could never ask someone to do, and she just did it!! It was the best time, we already started planning our next adventures!!

My mom and dad are coming this week and we will get to celebrate Abby's 1 month birthday together! I'm hoping my mom will hook us up with these delicious breakfast muffins she makes, and perhaps some of her meatloaf...(Hint, Hint, Hint)!